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primitive rhombohedral R32 setting

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Hi all,

Well, I am still going through this MR problem.  I have encountered
two questions.  One is (I being lazy here) 'How do I keep amore 
roting and traing solutions consistent for the obverse or reverse
setting of the triply primitive hexagonal cell?  It is easy to identify
the equivalent origins, but the rotation solutions have two separated by
180 deg.  

My next question then has to do with using the primitive rhombohedral
setting.  I take my scaled output from denzo (done of course in the 
primitive rhombohedral setting) and run it through scalepack2mtz and
then cad.  When I do this, I get a list of systematic abscences that
I do not get in Scalepack.  Have I set the space group wrong?  Do I
need to use some special symbol like I did in Scalepack?  I can't 
seem to find a list of space groups that includes No. 155 as both
hexagonal axes and rhombohedral axes as in the Int'l Tables.

Any suggestions?


Christopher L. Colbert
Purdue University Macromolecular Crystallography         
Lilly Hall of Life Sciences                         
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1392