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[ccp4bb]: PC for crystallography

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I just installed CCP4 on a Linux PC. The machine is an Athlon/800 (about
$4000 including LCD monitor, but probably rather less next week). CCP4
installs automatically with no problems at all using RedHat 6.1 (make
sure you custom install and select everything).
All the X-stuff worked perfectly first time as well.

First benchmarks on CCP4, compiled using defaults:
                  Athlon/800   R10000/200
mlphare.exam      2.2s         5.5s
dm.exam           6.3s         16.15s

I would guess you could get 50-100% better performance by using the
Portland group compilers.

My previous experience with XtalView on Linux is that it is quick and
stable. I'll be installing it on this machine as soon as it ftps.