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[ccp4bb]: map2fs, maprot and GUI

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Actually, the current version of map2fs has improved somewhat,
although had I known of Chris Putnam's utilities I wouldn't have

The latest version is straight Fortran and should now be portable
through proper use of the ccp4 libraries. It will also convert ccp4
mask files to fsfour maps, adding a tiny bit of smoothing to give a
presentable result.

It is bundled with the new mapmask and maprot in
There is also a new version of maprot, with some bug fixes and
compatibility with old command files (the compatibility mode will be
removed after the release of CCP4v4.1)

My hope for the next CCP4 release is to have export to XtalView fully
automated, so if you ask to view maps in dm, an XtalView/xfit window
will automatically pop up with you MIR map, dm map and mask already
displayed. Similarly, refmac should pop up difference maps and the
current model.