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[ccp4bb]: locked amore

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Dear all,
I try to find the orientation of a search model with resprect to the
unknown structure for molecular replacement. The unknown structure
crystallizes with a tetramer in the asymmetric unit in p21. The three
perpendicular twofolds can easily be detected with a self-rotation
function (polarrfn). The search model is a monomer.

Now I want to use the locked cross-rotation and translation function of

However the self-rotation function of does not give all the twofolds,
probably just one of the non-crystallographic twofolds. Furthermore they
have different psi- and phi-angles as polarrfn. The amore manual
suggests to use maprot in order to obtain the other non-crystallographic
However neither the amore nor the maprot manual tells me how to do it.

Could anyone be so kind and give me some hints how to get the missing

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.


Jan Abendroth
Institut fuer Biochemie
Universitaet Koeln
Zuelpicher Strasse 47
D-50674 Koeln

Tel: +49-(0)221 470 6455 (Labor)
                    6445 (Buero)
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