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[ccp4bb]: CCP4i ...

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Hello all,

	Well, I am new to the CCP4i (GUI) and I want to know about the

(i)  How to add the column labels for the 'FPART' and 'PHIPART' ?
	As I find that in ccp4i, that there are only 2 column boxes
available, viz. for FP and SIGFP.. 

	If one wants to do 'simple' scaling and combine the output of a
bulk-solvent by other program (say like X-PLOR / CNS), from a previous
run, then how to add this information in CCP4I?

(ii) We don't have the program 'mapman', to output the O-map directly.
But, the CCP4I bounces out with the error: 'mapman' No such file/directory. 

So, is this the default? or can one use 'xdlmapman' while running?

Hope to hear some suggestions.


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