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[ccp4bb]: SUMMARY: SGI Dials stop working upon IRIX upgrade

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I'm summarizing after only three replies:


	>We have just upgraded an SGI Indy from Irix 6.2 to Irix 6.5.6.
Suddenly, the dials don't >work...the system does not even "see" the dials
device. Yes, the dials are plugged in, and >we loaded eoe.sw.optinput.
Comparison with our Octane (Irix 6.4) shows the same dials >driver files (at
least named the same) are indeed present on the disk.

The answer, supplied by  J.N. Scarsdale and Sanjoy Ray, is to go into the
"system manager" (on the toolchest), then "hardware & devices", then "serial
devices". The computer thought I had a "terminal" hooked up to serial port 1
(apparently common after an upgrade). I deleted the "terminal", then added
in a "dialbox". All worked great (check with the confidence test). 

As Scarsdale pointed out, if when you go to add a new type of serial device
(choices are terminal, modem, or "other"), if under "other" you don't see
"dialbox" as a choice, you have not successfully loaded eoe.sw.optinput.
Note that there is no need to downgrade (e.g. to IRIX 6.2), then upgrade

Clearly, they don't pay the help at SGI enough, as they could not suggest
this embarassingly simple fix! Truly amazing!
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