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[ccp4bb]: new release of xdl_view

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Meanwhile, much later, there is a new release of the xdl_view library
that should fix the display problems -- `it works for me'.  Sorry
about the delay in getting this out.

It's available as `libxdl_view-4.2.tar.gz' from the `prerelease'
directory on the ccp4 server.  I think the contents of this can be
dropped into the x-windows directory in the CCP4 distribution if

Here are the NEWS items:

* Crashes on X servers where the pixmap depth didn't correspond to the
  colourmap depth should have been solved (e.g. default configurations
  of Exceed and recent Xfree86 systems).  These crashes used to occur
  when first displaying an image.

* Some components which call other JWC libraries have been moved out
  from the library `libxdl_view' to `libxdl_viewextra' to avoid
  problems linking against the shared version.  The routines involved
  are: xdl_laue_sim, xdl_laue_sim_getsize, xdl_laue_sim_new,
  xdl_show_unq, xdl_show_unq_getsize, xdl_show_unq_getdata,
  xdl_rot_sim, xdl_rot_sim_getsize, xdl_rot_sim_new.

Bug reports in this to me, please; I'll try to make any fixes before
the next CCP4 release.

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