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[ccp4bb]: AMoRe and locked rotation function

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AMoRe and the locked rotation function

since my earlier summation, i have received a few more replies on use of the
locked rotation function in AMoRe:

Adrian.Lapthorn sent an e-mail address for Jorge Navaza <jnavaza@pasteur.fr>

Jay Pandit recommends program GLRF ( Tong and Rossman (1990), Acta Cryst A46 )
along with an e-mail address for one of the authors: tong@como.bio.columbia.edu
Stefan Arold also directed me to GLRF, with this e-mail address:

Brian McClain reported his own problems attempting to use AMoRe's locked
rotation, but the symptoms were not the same as mine.

the announcement for CCP4 4.0.1 reported bug fixes relevant to the LOCKED
rotation function in AMoRE.  i have installed 4.0.1 and found no difference in
the sorted list of rotation solutions for my test case as compared with version

i took a cursory look at the AMoRe code, but have not traced it out in detail.
it does worry me that the documentation specifies the self-rotations should be
entered in polar angles, but the values are then assigned to variables with the
Euleresque names ALFA, BETA and GAMA.

i have become busy in the wet lab and have not followed up on all these leads,
and no one has relayed to me a successful application of the locked rotation
function in AMoRe.

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