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[ccp4bb]: Re: Ramachandran Idealization

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I feel I ought to explain my last e-mail regarding ramachandran
idealization. As I mentioned, yes its a predicted structure, and so there
is no way of knowing whether the correct angles have been introduced.
However, why build a model at all if it violates standard geometry of
proteins. Thats like making a model of a house which doesn't have a front
door or any windows (bad analogy - but you get the point!). Why not
introduce beta phi/psi angles to a region which is predicted to be a

Just wanted to get that off my chest.


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On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Gerard "CD" Kleywegt wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Ramachandran Idealization
> i think the question should not be "how" but "why on Earth".
> without any experimental data, the best any program can do
> is to pull residues into the nearest favourable area, but
> there is no guarantee that this will be the *correct* area
> (see our 'databases' paper in acta cryst d, 1998, for an
> example of this -even with x-ray data- and a discussion).
> all this would amount to is (at best) cosmetic nonsense.
> moreover, it could give a false impression of the quality
> of the model.
> --dvd
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