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[ccp4bb]: patch release 4.0.1 and binaries

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The Daresbury ftp server has been updated to patch release 4.0.1

Relative to 4.0, this release contains some fixes to problems
discovered in 4.0, see list below. If you have successfully installed
4.0 and none of these problems is relevant to you, then there is
probably no point in updating. If you want/need to update, then
there is a global patch file provided (pub/ccp4/ccp4-4.0-4.0.1.diff.gz)
or it's probably safe to take individual files.


Also on the ftp server are some .tar.gz files containing binaries 
for IRIX 32-bit, IRIX 64-bit (prepared on IRIX6.5 R10k) and 
alpha (prepared on Digital UNIX V4.0F). If you want to to try these out,
un-tar the appropriate file in your $CCP4 and read the BINARY.readme file.
Please note:

1. You must get and un-tar the normal CCP4 distribution as well.
2. You must edit and source ccp4.setup as usual.
3. You need to run the script BINARY.setup to do some things normally done by
 the make step.
4. These binaries were compiled using default options - if you want anything
 fancy (e.g. more optimisation, higher mips level) you must compile it yourself.
5. These binaries were compiled statically with respect to CCP4 libraries,
 but will need basic system libraries (and not so basic for the X-windows
6. Fixes will continue to be given as source code patches, and it is unlikely
 that the binaries will keep up-to-date with these.

Summary of fixes in 4.0.1

configure:      changed explicit -mips4 to -mips3 for irix64
configure:      fixed problem with IRIX5.3 not picking up library include files
ccp4i:          version 1.1.1 with minor fixes
ipdisp:         fix to script file, and to spdfil.dip2040 / spdfil.dip2030
rxdispenser:    fix to linking for --with-rxdispencer option (needed for IRIX5.3)
ccif:           fix to configure for building on IRIX6.4
amore:          fix to bug with locked rotation function
contact:        fix for METAL keyword
distang:        extra check to recognise water labelled HOH
ecalc:          fixes mainly concerning space group
rotaprep:       default upper resolution limit was 1A, now 0.01A
dmmulti:        missing comma in format statement
molrep:         update to version 5.5 to fix problem running under ccp4i
sc:             check GRASP files for likely compatibility
sftools:        fix for reading CNS/XPLOR files
x-windows:      fix to syntax of realclean and empty-targets
xdl_view:       fix for compiling IRIX n32
xdlmapman:      alternative file xdlmapman_linux.incl to fix record length problem



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