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[ccp4bb]: Tune your synchrotron skills at the Brookhaven RapiData 2000 Course

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                         RapiData 2000

We will repeat last year's extremely successful course on Rapid Data
Collection and Structure Solving at Brookhaven Lab's NSLS from 9-14 April
2000.  Learn about crystal cryogenics, MAD data-collection techniques, and
use of modern phasing software from the experts. 

Students may apply either as experimenters, to take data on THEIR OWN
SPECIMENS, or as observers.  All students will have exposure to beamline
work and may attend tutorials in crystal freezing and software operation
during two days of practical sessions.  Students have come from a wide
range of levels -- from graduate students to full professors. 

The deadline for applications approaches; vacancies still remain.  Please
see the course web site at: 


Application materials are at: 


And a report of last year's course is at: 


	Robert M. Sweet			E-Dress: SWEET@BNL.GOV 
	Biology Dept.			Phones:
	Brookhaven Nat'l Lab.	*New*	631 344 3401  (Office)
	Upton, NY  11973	Area	631 344 5642  (Beamline at NSLS)
	U.S.A.			Code	631 344 3407  (Facsimile)