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Re: [ccp4bb]: generate pdb header

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> How can I automatically generate a pdb header? I found the programm
> "harvesting" in CCP4, it writes mmCIF files. Is there a way to produce
> directly a pdb deposition file?
> Thanks,
> Sabine

Regarding PDB file header records, I am afraid not; you need to use your 
favourite deposition tool...

"Harvesting" is a process used by 5 CCP4 programs (and the forthcoming
version of MOSFLM) and produces, as you say, mmCIF files. The EBI
deposition centre will accept these files to fill out much of the
deposition forms, though the process is not automatic yet. Current
advice is to begin a deposition process and then contact the EBI/MSD
people. I don't know what the RCSB's position on harvesting is.




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