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Re: AMORE and spacegroup C2

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On Mon, 8 Jun 1998 RAYBROWN@rascal.med.harvard.edu wrote:

> hi everybody; has anyone ever been successful with molecular
> replacement in spacegroup C2? i am doing test calculations
> with AMORE and get perfect rotation solutions. however, the
> translation solution appears to be completely wrong! i have
> used a single protein molecule in the asymmetric unit and
> obtain a single nice rotation peak. the translation search
> also finds a single translation peak that is not related
> in any way to the 'expected' solution from the input Fcalc
> starting model data. i could of course do the whole molecular
> replacement in spacegroup P1?
> any comments are welcome

I think there is a known bug with ORTH code 3 in the TF.

-- Ian