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Re: assist, documentation, help

Thank you for taking the time to write.  We appreciate your feedback, as
it allows us to not only create a better product, but provide better
service to our customers.  I have forwarded your comments.

If you have any further or future comments, please do not hesitate to
use our online feedback form located at

Once again, thank you for writing.


mgwt@yorvic.york.ac.uk wrote:

> Name : Maria Turkenburg
> Email : mgwt@yorvic.york.ac.uk
> Category : Select a category
> URL : eng/mozilla/2.0/relnotes/demo/target.html
> Please, please, please put a note somewhere
> that the 'magic targets' are case s
> ensitive!
> It took me two half days to find that out
> by lots of trial and error

Alex J. Giron
Customer Service Representative
Netscape Communications Corporation

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