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HIC-Up updated

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The Hetero-compound Information Centre - Uppsala (HIC-Up)
web resource has been updated.  It now contains information
pertaining to 1,649 hetero-entities encountered in the
Protein Data Bank.  Besides this, HIC-Up offers several
web-based services for generating dictionaries for other
compounds for X-PLOR, CNS, TNT, and O.

Changes since the last update (19971212):
- 216 new compounds added
- server to generate O-style Refi dictionaries
  (requires O 6.2.2 or newer)
- file naming convention changed (now most files
  end in ".txt" to prevent accidental MIME-type
  clashes; also, PDB file are available with
  ".pdb" extension and ".txt" extension)

The HIC-Up URL is:  htpp://alpha2.bmc.uu.se/hicup/

--Gerard Kleywegt