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Dear all,
  I am unable to check the geometry of my REFMAC refined model, to
  confirm the geometric parameters using the option IDEAlise..
  The program hangs out with an error 
  " IOT Trap ". and produces a large 'core' file..

  Also, can anyone help me out that how to make sure of my restraints
  such that the GEOMETRIC parameters viz. bond length/angle/torsion/
  chiral volumes/planarity etc.. doesn't go bad, with the given MATRIX

  In my case, a MATRIX WEIGHT card of 0.80 gave an R (18.8%) and freeR
  of (25.8%), whereas the GEOMETRIC parameters shows slightly higher
  RMS values in bond angles and PLanarity.. Also, in some stages of
  the log file the program cannot be able to calculate RMS deviations of
  Estimated bond angles..  I understand that the default weightage is
  50% weightage for XRAY and GEOMETRY each...but normally, how one can 
  make sure of everything? and in what way?? 
  Please help me out, as I am just switching over from XPLOR to CCP4 
  and facing such problems which is 'new' to me...

  So, is it necessary to run 'idealise' after every sets of refinement.?
  or, suitable weightage is needed in case of those parameters (by
  giving 'tight' or 'loose' restraints?).
  Please help me out..
 Thanks in advance.
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