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PDB move from BNL to Rutgers (fwd)

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Since the news about the recompetition of the NSF/NIH/DOE award to operate
the PDB having been won by Rutgers University has just been forwarded to
the ccp4 bb, I am enclosing below the answer I have received from Dr.
Clutter concerning this.

>From mclutter@nsf.gov Tue Aug 25 09:35:10 1998
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 98 19:35:36 EST
From: mclutter@nsf.gov
To: "Fred. Vellieux" <vellieux@ibs.ibs.fr>
Subject: Re: PDB move from BNL to Rutgers

Dear Dr. Vellieux:
As you may know, the PDB has been supported by NSF since the early 
1970's through a series of awards each recommended on the basis of 
merit review of unsolicited proposals. As the scale and cost of the 
database grew significantly NSF support was augmented by funds from 
DOE and NIH. In 1994 the first solicitation for proposals to operate 
the database was issued. This led to an agreement to fund operation of 
PDB through October,1999. Included in the agreement was the provision 
for a new competition in 1998 to operate the database for another 5 
years. Thus, a new solicitation was issued early in 1998. The ensuing 
competition resulted in proposals that were reviewed by panels of 
experts followed by site visits this month. A decision has been made 
by the funding agencies based on strong recommendations from the 
outside experts. Since negotiations are just underway, no public 
announcement can be made regarding the award. Let me say only that the 
decision was based on plans for the future and not on current or past 
Thank you for your interest.

Mary E. Clutter

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Subject: PDB move from BNL to Rutgers
Author:  "Fred. Vellieux" <vellieux@ibs.ibs.fr> at NOTE
Date:    8/24/98 7:01 AM

Dear Dr. Clutter,

I have just learned that the PDB is going to move from BNL to Rutgers during 
the fall 1999. As a PDB user (and having visited the BNL Long Island site, 
including the PDB, twice in the recent years already) and depositor, I am 
quite surprised by this decision to change the location of the PDB.

Hence, may I ask what motivated this decision, and if it is final (i.e. 
whether or not the decision can be reverted).

I look forward to hear from you on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Fred. Vellieux

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