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The 1999 CCP4 Study weekend

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Dear all,

Its that time of year again. The shops are starting to stock Xmas
decorations and the annual CCP4 study weekend is announced. This year it
will be greatly appreciated if people both register soon (official closing
date 13th of November) and also register through the web form to reduce
admin work here. I must point out that if participant numbers get too high
we may need to limit the number of people coming from each site. So
register soon, and we look forward to your company in January. 


P.S. Just in case anyone does notice the 'deliberate' error on the
registration forms sent out by post the meeting will be held in 1999! 



                  A meeting organised by the
Collaborative Computational Project in Protein Crystallography (CCP4)
                   and Daresbury Laboratory

                       8-9 January 1999
                    University of Sheffield

This study weekend will encompass all aspects of X-ray diffraction data
collection and processing for protein crystal structure determination. The
emphasis will be on the incorporation of the latest developments in X-ray
sources, detectors and software in a practical approach to data
acquisition. Developments in synchrotron and laboratory sources, CCD
detector technology and MAD, virus and time-resolved data collection and
handling will all be covered, as well as data integration, scaling and
analysis. Topics will be covered at both introductory and advanced levels,
ensuring suitability for all protein crystallographers, from novice to
advanced practitioners. There will be ample opportunities for discussion
and socialising.

The invited speakers include: 

Michael Rossmann (Purdue University, USA)  Elspeth Garman (Oxford)
Peter Lindley (ESRF, France)               Colin Nave (Daresbury)
Andrew Leslie (LMB Cambridge)              Zbyszek Otwinowski (Texas, USA)
Zbyszek Dauter (Brookhave, USA)            Martin Walsh (APS Chicago, USA)
Johnny Grimes (ESRF/Oxford)                Naveen Chandra (Bath/Leicester)
Randy Reed (LMB Cambridge)                 Joe Ferrara (MSC, Houston)
Dominique Bourgeois (ESRF, France)         Harry Powell (LMB, Cambridge)			


Registration from the web will be greatly appreciated see:

Enquiries about the programme:  
Additional information and application forms are available from Mrs P
Broadhurst, CLRC Daresbury Laboratory (Tel:  +44 (0) 1925 603610;  Fax:
+44 (0) 1925 603124 or email p.broadhurst@dl.ac.uk). 

The closing date for application is 13th November 1998.  Applications must
be received by this date. 

Organised by
Daresbury Laboratory