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Interesting PDB stuff! mtz deposition

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ramaswamy.S writes:
 > I got the following message from PDB help desk.
 > I have a feeling that I am not the only guy who uploads CCP4 mtz files 
 > for deposition (they let you do it and so I use it).
 > I wonder if there is a simple script/ code, that will run without the ccp4
 > library etc., that PDB can have that will convert the mtz files into
 > ASCII for them.  I guess as the ccp4 users community we owe that much to pdb!!

I send mmCIF, converted with a script such as the following


mtz2various hklin ../m9b12_suc_Fph  hklout sca.hkl << eof
output cif   data_mmcm_sca
labin FP=Fm9b12 SIGFP=SIGFm9b12 DP=DANOm9b12 SIGDP=SIGDANOm9b12  \