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Pre-built MOSFLM 6.0 executables

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I've put some pre-built executables for MOSFLM for various platforms/OSs
on our ftp server at the LMB. All have been tested and run, but there may
be some run-time errors of which I am not aware. The following are

   program              chip               OS
ipmosflm_i386        Intel Pentium   RedHat Linux 5.1
ipmosflm_irix5.3     R4400           Irix 5.3
ipmosflm_irix6.4     R10000          Irix 6.5
ipmosflm_ppc         PowerPC G3      LinuxPPC Release 4 
ipmosflm_alpha       Alpha           Digital Unix 4.0

Following Morten Kjeldgaard's announcement yesterday (?) of the PPC
version of O, I've built MOSFLM on an iMac running LinuxPPC, but haven't
tested it beyond checking that it runs and will read and index images.
The iMac screen is actually too small for the current build, but if you 
can support 1280 * 1024 on your monitor, it should be usable. Any comments
gratefully received. 

The software can be picked up from 


using anonymous ftp, or 


with your favourite web browser.

Dr Harry Powell, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, MRC Centre, Hills
Road, Cambridge, CB2 2QH