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Re: ARP question

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Hi -

> Hi all,
> I am using the latest version of ARP and have the following problem:
> the input maps are calculated using refmac.exam input script and when I

As far as I could see refmac.exam is an example for runnign refmac alone,
not refmac/arp cycles.
There are examples for running arp within the $CDOC/refmac.doc and/or in
ARP/wARP 5 distribution.

>  Map limits Y   0  43 <== This is incorrect   Recommended   0  44
>  Map limits Z   0   8                         Recommended   0   8
>  ***** ERROR *****
> What can I do about this error?? Do I have to change the limits
> manually??

In the correct examples you will see that mapmask/extend are run which
fix the right AU limits prior to ARP run.

> Also, when i try the automated script for arp (after running the setup
> script)
> water search I get an error:
> Syntax error

As far as I know there are not errors in that script, if you mail me the
exact output I could help.
There is also no script named 'water search' so I am confused.