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data processing ...

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 hola ccpquatro compadres

 can l ask if anyone out there is
 or would like to work on 
 coding a program to process diffraction images ?

 (and favouring mosaic crystals, possibly very crowded images and
  fine-slicing technique)

 1. structure factors are calculated for a volume 
    of diffraction space.
    (area of each pixel equals its reciprocal space volume !)
 2. according to cell orientation 
    begin and refine as we do for structres the modelling of 
       diffraction peaks
           (like atomic occupancy factors - thermal diffusion ?)
       background scattering
           (bit like bulk solvent contribution)
       cell lattice dimensions and mosaicity - both anisotropic 
           (like rigid body refinement with bond length variation,
           tls analysis and overall atom temperature factors)
 3. other radiation peaks, cosmic, Cu-beta, etc detected by
    difference fouriers and treated appropriately.

 multiple difraction patterns could possible be processed
 or is this a nonsense ?

 thanks in advance of your replies


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