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Linux i386 RPMs of CCP4 v.3.5.1 available...

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Hello everyone,

I have created a number of RPM packages for the i386 (PC) architechture,
containing compiled versions of the entire CCP4 suite.

The compilation was carried out on a vanilla RedHat 5.2 system. It should
work on recent RedHat installations, as well as SuSE, and other glibc
based distributions that make use of the RPM package system. For the
merits of the RPM system, see the article by Canady & Tate in the latest
CCP4 newletter http://www.dl.ac.uk/CCP/CCP4/newsletter36/11_linux.html

ccp4-progs-3.5.1-2.i386.rpm     12333 Kb  Compiled programs, man pages
cp4-lib-3.5.1-2.i386.rpm          523 Kb  Library (data) files
ccp4-html-3.5.1-2.i386.rpm       1403 Kb  Docs in HTML format
ccp4-doc-3.5.1-2.i386.rpm         778 Kb  Docs in text format
ccp4-etc-3.5.1-2.i386.rpm          21 Kb  Misc scripts
ccp4-examples-3.5.1-2.i386.rpm   2686 Kb  Example scripts
ccp4-manual-3.5.1-2.i386.rpm      701 Kb  CCP4 users guide

Installation of the whole suite is then as simple as

   rpm --install ccp4-*

but in fact, you only need the first 2 packages (progs and lib). The
progs package includes the supported, unsupported and X programs. They
have been compiled but _not_ tested (not all of them, anyway). 

By default, the files will be placed in /usr/local/ccp4, but you can
redirect this by using the --prefix option of rpm, so that

   rpm --install --prefix /tmp ccp4-*

will put everything in /tmp/ccp4. For those who know what to do with it,
the src.rpm file is also available. The packages can be found by pointing
your web-browser at http://origo.imsb.au.dk/~mok/linux/dist/

  - CCP4 do _not_ offer any support for binary distributions
  - Academic users MUST return a license form to CCP4 (if you haven't 
    done so already) (ftp://ccp4a.dl.ac.uk/pub/ccp4/licence.txt)
  - Commercial users MUST contact the CCP4 first.



Morten Kjeldgaard   <mok@imsb.au.dk>             | Phone : +45 89 42 50 26
Institute of Molecular and Structural Biology    | Fax   : +45 86 12 31 78
Aarhus University                                | Home  : +45 86 18 81 80
Gustav Wieds Vej 10 C, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark | icq   : 27224900