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Re: Sortmtz

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>  > other than that, the diagnostics from output should tell you all the
>  > subroutines that are crashing with extra batches.
>  > 
> Alun Ashton at DL has been increasing the number of batches allowed.
> Is this released Alun?
> 	Phil

Sorry for the delay, been away....
Here is the extract from the CHANGES.dl file that went to the developers
bulletin board last month


19-04-99 AWA: Batches. Two problems have risen with regards to the number
              batches allowed in an a multirecord mtz file.

              1) a bug in rotaprep. you are allowed to have batches
                 1-9999 as long as teh total number of batches does not go 
                 over 1000. fix is:

diff -r1.53 rotaprep.f
<       MINBAT = 1000
>       MINBAT = 9999

              2) The total number of batches allowed is 1000 but this is
                 deemed too low. This is now incr to 5000 with changes to
                 follwing files:

15/4/99 increased maximum number of batches to 5000
        MBATCH=5000 in mtzlib.f, sortmtz.f, scala_/parameter.fh
        (maxbat & maxmat, also maxrfl),
        mtzdump.f, rebatch.f, reindex.fmtztona4.f, na4tomtz.f, mtzutils.f

        also absurd.f sftools.inc

                 users requiering this enlarged batch limit should contact


the changes are in the suite to be realeased in the next CCP4 release
later this year.

Alun Ashton,      awa@dl.ac.uk      Tel: +44 1925 603528
CCP4,             ccp4@dl.ac.uk     Fax: +44 1925 603124
Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury, Warrington, UK, WA4 4AD