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Trigonal system

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Dear all,

        I got a decent set of data indexed in P31, resolution 1.7, >90%
completeness and Rsym 5.3 with ~6 fold redendency (yes, a full 360
degree data collected!). It's for a 10-mer oligonucleotide and a drug
complex. Rfactor stucked at ~30% (Rfree ~35%) with vague density for the
drug. The moment I put the drug in the R shoots up. The structure was
determined in AMORE. Then I tried to use EPMR and 'funny' things
happened. I got 6 differnet solutions (not symetry mates and colliding
with each other) with correlation >0.8 and all packs perfectly well in
the cell indevidually. Refinement preceded with each one of them. And,
each one behaves very similar to the above AMORE solution. A similar
problem happened with another structure with space group R32. Dose any
one have this kind of experience? Are there some fundamentals I missed
about the Trigonal system or I just have to exhaust the search? Thanks.