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molecular replacement non-standard symmetry

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Dear all,

I have collected data that shows 4/mmm.  I also see h=2n (and k=2n)
absences.  I am missing data on the l axis.  To play safe, I processed
the data in P4212 (90) and tried to do molecular replacement in all the
allowed space groups:

  P4212(90), P41212(92), P42212(94) and P43212(96)

I could not find an obvious solution.

My colleague told me that one needs to try "non-standard" space groups
as well.  Does it mean I also need to do something like:

  P4221, P41221, P42221 and P43221?

If yes, where (or how) can I find out the symmetry operations for these
non-standard groups?

Thank you very much.

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