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RE: not directly CCP4, but very fundamental

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Hendrickson; Science (1991) 254:p53
<in a discussion of the fine structure of various atomic edges> 'These
resonant "white-line" features, which correspond to transitions to
unoccupied molecular orbitals, can be threefold greater than those expected
from isolated atoms.' (references Lye et al, PNAS 77:5884 (1980), Templeton
et al Acta Cryst A38:74 (1982) )

Nic Steussy

> outer shell effects ...bla bla... high occupancy
> .....bla bla... resonance ...bla bla ... transition
> states ...bla bla... bonding ...bla bla...
> Yes, but can anyone tell me where the 'white lines' (the ones
> seen in a fluorescence scan at the absorption edge not the
> ones on the road or the drug related ones) REALLY come from?
> I mean what happens physically.
> Many thanks!
> Mentally challenged,
> Rick