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Re: dm-averaging

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Just a guess:

- remove the 'REFINE' sub-keyword on the AVERAGE for your first NCS
  operator: since your mask is already around your first dimer you
  don't want to refine it.

- I don't think there is a need to run a separate density modification
  to produce a solvent mask before doing NCS averaging: it will be
  done automatically in the NCS averaging script anyway.

- if you want to use an input solvent envelope for your averaging, I
  would use a mask around all your dimers to force the masked part to
  be protein: this way you might prevent the effect of zero density
  within the mask and all the positive density in the solvent region,
  which could happen if you phases are really bad and the solvent mask
  doesn't really fit to your NCS mask(s).

- try running one of the DM examples for NCS averaging: e.g. with
  automatic mask determination.




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