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Re: petrolatum

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Several people have e-mailed me asking for an answer to the question of
where to get petrolatum.  We buy petrolatum from Fisher scientific in
big jugs.  "Petrolatum" is just a slightly more crude version of
Vaseline which is sold in fine drug stores everywhere for a lot more

Also David Schuller  suggested dipping the entire top of the tray in
melted petrolatum.  Pretty good idea, I think I'll try it soon!

As for why using grease at all, alas, it comes down to money for us.  We
buy the super cheapo Falcon trays for bulk screening
efforts....switching to the Hampton VDX tray (which you can seal with
tape) would double our cost per tray, and so is out of the question.



Matt Redinbo wrote:

> Steve,
>         Where does one get petrolatum?
>                 Thanks,
>                         Matt Redinbo
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