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Re: local scaling

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I don't think going to P1 will help you - the improvement in R factors
is purely cosmetical. Did you look at R-mrgd statistics [Nat Struct Biol
4, 269 (1997)] ? - these should reveal that the high redundancy actually
helps the quality.
I don't quite understand why absorption effects should be so detrimental
- I twice collected data at the Fe edge and they scaled beautifully.
Could there be a problem with mis-indexing due to origin offset?

You don't say what data reduction program(s) you use - I assume MOSFLM?

If you use XDS/XSCALE you have the option to only use Friedels that are
a given max number of frames apart for calculating the anom signal -
don't know about MOSFLM/SCALA in this respect.

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