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Re: Off-topic, Linux Word Processing

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On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Valerie Biou wrote:

> Hello 
> One related software piece I use a lot is a reference manager 
> (EndNote/Procite style). Is there any linux program that does this ?
> Cheers
> Valerie

Can't  resist the opportunity...

Well, there is always LaTeX and BibTeX which when combined with
emacs with AucTeX and refTex lisp packages will give you everything
word/endnote etc can possibly offer. And much more. And with latex2html
you can convert it all to beautifully hyperlinked html (and read to msword
if you wish :-). Not to mention making slides with seminar package,
converting documents to pdf etc. 

And it is free too and available to "all" possible platforms: Unix in
various flavours, VAX, Linux, DOS/Win, Mac.

Ok, you might spend a bit more time learning it, but it will not change
completely every year as M$ products do - it only gets better. 

see http://www.tex.ac.uk/ for (la)tex archive 
and http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/info/lshort/english/ for brief
primer to LaTeX. 



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