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reminding : SUMMARIES !!

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Dear friends,


	I am not a member of the CCP4 staff. However, I would like to remind you
our common (Crystallographic Computing Comission) with CCP4 request (we
cannot forse you to do this but we are ASKING you) :

	Please, after getting an answer on your question from several CCP4 users,
would you be kind to send to CCP4 (the same address where you send your
question) a short RESUME, conclusion, principal extract of the discussion
you initiated !! It will show you COLLABORATION with CCP4 and not only its
use for your personal profit. It will be a good teaching work for
everybody. It will allow to create easier a library of questions/answers
for further use. Etc etc.


Answering the question on rotation angle transformation. I remind you that
there is a paper and corresponding user-friendly program which is quite
useful for this and similar purposes : 
	Urzhumtseva, L.M., Urzhumtsev, A.G. (1997) "Tcl/Tk based programs. II.
CONVROT: program to recalculate different rotation descriptions". J.Appl.
Cryst., 30, 402-410

With bestr regards,