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map2fs map conversion jiffy

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Here's a little jiffy for all you XtalView fans.

In normal usage it is conventient to feed structure factors to xfit
and let it do the fft's on the fly. However, occasionally it is useful
to calculate a map inside ccp4 and then display it in xfit.

map2fs converts a ccp4 map to fsfour format, so it can be read
directly in xfit.

The code is an unholy marriage of Fortran and C, so there may well be
portability problems. But it works OK on an SGI. Hopefully eventually
it will be a part of the GUI.


> ftp ftp.yorvic.york.ac.uk
login: anonymous
password: type_your_full_email_address_here
ftp > cd pub/ccp4
ftp > get map2fs.tar.gz
ftp > quit
> gunzip dm.tar.gz
> tar xvf dm.tar
> more README