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[ccp4bb]: North of England Structural Biology Centre Inaugural Symposium

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         North of England Structural Biology Centre Inaugural Symposium

                               9 May 2000

                       Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre
                            University of Leeds

* NESBiC (North of England Structural Biology Centre) is part of a BBSRC     *
* initiative to support and promote the use of structural biology techniques *  
* throughout the biological sciences. NESBiC is a collaboration between the  *
* Universities of Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and UMIST. We are proud to    *
* invite members of the biological community to our Inaugral Symposium.      *
* Attendence is free.                                                        *
* To register contact Jenny Walker; j.a.walker@leeds.ac.uk                   *


9.45-10.00	Introduction and Welcome (Simon Phillips)

Session I    Protein Folding

10.00-10.25	Sheena Radford    "Fun with folding the bacterial immunity 
                                  proteins: lessons learned from ultrafast 
                                  mixing experiments"

10.25-10.50	Jon Waltho        "Probing folding by NMR"

10.50-11.15	Andrew Doig       "Structure, stability and folding of the

11.15-11.45  Coffee

Session II   Advances in Crystallography and NMR

11.45-12.10	Carrie Wilmot      "Making a movie of catalysis in copper amine

12.10-12.35	Steve Homans       "NMR of weakly aligned states"

12.35-13.00	David Middleton    "Exploring drug interactions with membrane
                                    proteins: applications of solid-state NMR"

13.00-14.00  Lunch

Session III  Macromolecular  Assemblies

14.00-14.25	Jordi Bella        "Structural studies of
                                    picornavirus-receptor complexes"

14.25-14.50	Karl Kadler        "3-D structure of individual collagen 

14.50-15.15	Peter Artymiuk	   "Structure of E. coli Haemolysin E"

15.15-15.45  Tea

Session IV   Modelling and functional studies

15.45-16.10     Kostas Tokatlidis  "Mitochondrial protein translocase"

16.10-16.35	Simon Hubbard      "Bioinformatics and protein mobility"

16.35-17.00	Dave Hornby        "Functional genomics of the eukaryotic

17.00-17.10  Closing comments (Simon Phillips)

17.30-20.30  Buffet and Bar (Woodhouse Room, University House)