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[ccp4bb]: infamous quotes

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Dear All :

I beg for forgiveness that I am exceeding the scope of the ccp4bb
somewhat, but there are gems, worthwhile sharing, which 
prove that that you should never assume that:

(a) you have seen it all 
(b) such can't be true 
(c) web tutorials achieve anything

So here, not a dvd april joke, but true and personally validated,
from Californian grad students, submitted by a dear collegue:

Crystallography can be defined as a wave.

In order to solve the electron density of a crystal structure 
three valuable data set are needed: The amplitude and frequency
can be obtained by the x-ray data, the phase cannot.

One can use structural information to predict a more
accurate structure from x-ray crystallography.   

The objective is to determine enthalpy change of various 
acids and base when they react in a controlled environment
with demonized water.

A day in the classroom saves a year in the funny farm
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