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[ccp4bb]: Sharpening data

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Dear all,

I am interested in "sharpening" my reflection data by applying an
artificial temperature factor (eg. -70 A**2).  This seems non-trivial,
as I am not sure what do with the sigmas.  Before you all think I'm
nuts, others have done this in low resolution structures with favorable
results, such as:

Borhani, et al.  (Apolipoprotein A-I)  PNAS 94:12291-12296.

Stehle, et al.  (Simian virus 40) Structure 4:165-182.

Unfortunately, these papers were not so informative as to HOW they
actually did this.

Does anyone have an idea of a program to use that will do this sort of

Thanks very much in advance-

Steve Soisson