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[ccp4bb]: Meeting: CCP4 3D Viewer Initiative

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      The CCP4 3D Viewer Initiative. 

           Meeting announcement 
              May 15th, York

The aim of the CCP4 3D viewer initiative is to produce a multi-functional
tool to assist macromolecular crystallographers in the process of
building, fitting and displaying 3D structures and electron density maps. 

It has long been recognised that a major missing feature in the CCP4
package is a 3D viewer, that is programs capable of not only assisting in
the process of model building and electron density fitting but also
producing publication quality figures of both structures and density maps. 

As a step towards this goal, we are organising a small one-day meeting of
people directly interested in possible participation in this project. This
will discuss: 

-  aims 

- technical issues of how to write the program, such as languages,
graphics interfaces, interaction, data structures for molecules etc

- management issues (who will run the project? how will it be managed
and coordinated?)

The meeting will be on Monday May 15th at the University of York.

We apologise for the short notice of this meeting but this is due to a
very busy summer of conferences and a need to get the project underway. To
keep numbers at this meeting at a reasonable level participation will be
by invitation only, so if you wish to attend please let me (Alun Ashton
a.w.ashton@ccp4.ac.uk) know directly as soon as possible. It is also
appreciated if you could outline what aspect particularly interests you and
what contribution you could make. If you are unable to attend due to other
commitments but would like to be involved then we would like to hear from

Please feel free to distribute this notice to any other individuals who may
not have received this original message.

Alun Ashton.
Alun Ashton,      awa@ccp4.ac.uk    Tel: +44 1925 603528
CCP4,             ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk   Fax: +44 1925 603124
Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury, Warrington, UK, WA4 4AD