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[ccp4bb]: re mlphare problem

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re mlphare problem

in $CLIBD/cif_mm.dic is defined

;              Criterion used to limit the reflections used in the phasing
    _item.name                  '_phasing_MIR.reflns_criterion'
    _item.category_id             phasing_MIR
    _item_aliases.alias_name    '_phasing_MIR.ebi_reflns_criteria'
    _item_aliases.dictionary      ebi_extensions
    _item_aliases.version         1.0
    _item.mandatory_code          no
    _item_type.code               text
    _item_examples.case          '> 4 \s(I)'

unfortunately the harvlib.f in $CLIBS has

     + CALL ccif_put_char('_phasing_MIR.reflns_criteria',

used in mlphare at 
        CALL Hphasing_mir_native(R1,R2,CutOffNatSigma,

in $CLIBD are the files
cif_mm.dic        this is the mmCIF plus the harvest mmCIF ascii file 
cif_mmdic.lib     the binary fast access cif dictionary actually used
                  this is made at install time with  cifdic_to_symtab

the easiest quick fix is to edit in the $CLIBS directory
harvlib.f and change 
     + CALL ccif_put_char('_phasing_MIR.reflns_criteria',
     + CALL ccif_put_char('_phasing_MIR.reflns_criterion',

then do make in the ccp4/lib/src/ directory
then in $CPROG
touch mlphare.f
make install

although criteria is obviously a better name, at present the dictionary has
criterion - ccp4 may decide to change the name

kim henrick