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[ccp4bb]: Re: SCALA error

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I thought I had seen all existing CCP4 error messages, but this one is a
new one to me:

(Q)QOPEN allocated # 2  
User:  ana       Logical Name: HKLOUT 
 Status: UNKNOWN    Filename: data_rel2.mtz
*** Error
>From LWIDAS : Not enough output columns -
minimum allowed is 3
 Scala:  *** Program Terminated

This happens running scala 2.7.2, right after the scales
calculation and when writing out the output file. The only clue I can
give is that the error happens when the input file has the columns
SCALE and SIGSCALE. If the input file does not contain scales the
program runs happily. 
Has anyone seen this before or has any ideas why it happens? 


PS If it helps this is the script I am running:

scala hklin ${rel1}  hklout ${rel2} \
      scales   ${run}.scales \
      normplot ${run}.norm \
      anomplot ${run}.anom \
      rogues   ${run}.rogues \
      << eof-r2 > smooth_sca.log
title Smoothed scale against reference 
run 10 batch 500 reference
run 1 batch 1 to 499
run 2 batch 1000 to 1999
run 3 batch 2000 to 2999
intensities partial 
scales rotation spacing 10 detector 3 3
tie detector 0.2
output separate   # Omit reference data this time