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[ccp4bb]: Call for proposals: Microcrystal beamtime on ID13: June and July 2000

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Dear Colleagues,

Microcrystal beamtime on ID13

As part of the EMBL-ESRF programme of developing microcrystal technology

on the microfocus beamline ID13 we will have 15-20 shifts available
during June and July (mainly
5th July to 10th July).

Deadline for applications (see below) is Sunday 11 June 2000 !

As before, the new custom-built, user-friendly,
automated microdiffractometer will be available for all experiments.
This device
has been succesfully commissioned on ID13 and ID14-EH1.

(To see what can be done with this new device please take a look at:
 Perrakis, A., et al and Cusack, S. (1999) Protein microcrystals
and the design of a microdiffractometer; current experience and plans at

EMBL and ESRF/ID13, Acta Crystalographica D55,1765-1770. )

Please contact me giving a very short description of the biological
background and clearly stating the size and shape of your crystals and
available data so far. There will be again a strong preference for small
crystals (including
thin plates and needles) which were already tested in other
beamlines/sunchrotron sources and
showed sufficient diffraction or yielded datasets at descent resolution
(... better than 4.0 A). Our goal
will be to collect full datasets and try and evaluate the advantages of
the microfocusing technique. We are seeking new exciting projects,
but people that already did succesfull test experiments
over the last two years should also feel encouraged to reapply.
Our goal will be to collect full datasets and try and evaluate the
advantages of the microfocusing technique in conjuction with the
increased flexibility that is offered by the

The ID13 beamline is equipped with a MAR 135 CCD detector
and Oxford cryocooling. Most popular cryo-mounting techniques are easy
with the

We will cover travel expenses from the EMBL FP5 Access to
Infrastructures grant, for all selected
experiments eligible for refunding according to EU rules.

Please reply to Tassos Perrakis (perrakis@embl-grenoble.fr) as soon as
possible by email.

            A. Perrakis and S. Cusack


Dr. Stephen Cusack,
Head of Grenoble Outstation of EMBL
Group leader in structural biology of protein-RNA complexes and viral
Email: cusack@embl-grenoble.fr
Website: http://www.embl-grenoble.fr
Tel: (33) 4 76 20 72 38
Fax: (33) 4 76 20 71 99
Postal address:   EMBL c/o ILL, PB156, 38042 Grenoble cedex 9, France
Delivery address: EMBL c/o ILL, Polygone Scientifique,
                  6 Rue Jules Horowitz, 38000 Grenoble, France