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[ccp4bb]: Re: Problem Freerflag

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>While trying to run the FreeR-flag we have ecountered the following error
>CCP4i termination status O child killed : write on pipe with no readers
>binsort --
>I/O error ( check space available in $BINSORT_SCR ): permission denied.
>any clues
>Mike Donovan.

Seems your problem is with the directory where your $BINSORT_SCR is
assigned. If you go to the directory $CCP4/include, you will find the
'ccp4.setup' file. You check the 'path' which $BINSORT_SCR is pointing. 
In my setup it says '/tmp'

So, if your setup has the same.. then make sure that you have the
permission to access this '/tmp' directory.

Hope this helps,


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