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[ccp4bb]: Refining occ's of alternate configs: Which program?

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Hi Everyone:

I'm trying to refine alternate configurations of substrates
in an active site.  This was once possible in x-plor, so I'm
using CNS.  But the cns-bug-reporter told me that they haven't 
yet implimented the option to refine alternate configuration 
occupancies in CNS.  As you can imagine, since it's my active 
site, my chemical arguement sorta relys on it.  So, I need to
find a program that will do it.

I looked at the documentation for refmac, but don't see
anything obvious in the docs or the examples that flags 
to refine occ's of alternate configurations.

Can anyone tell me if refmac is the way to do this?  Or is
there some other program people would recommend that I didn't
look at yet?



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