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[ccp4bb]: DM problem ... low resolution problem?

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Dear all,
    I 've just set up twelve-fold NCS averaging with DM. I only have 8A
data and the initial phases come from an EM reconstruction I have
positioned in the asymmetric unit using information from self-rotation
and Patterson... (it could be wrong!). Anyway I asked DM to use data
between 8-45A and
phase extend from 18A. But before going very far DM abandons with the

dm: (CALCSCALE) - insufficient resolution: enter a SCALE card.

Can anyone give advice to get round this please?
Space-group is P41, cell a=b=265, c=660. 47582 unique reflections to 8A.


Dr. Stephen Cusack,
Head of Grenoble Outstation of EMBL
Group leader in structural biology of protein-RNA complexes and viral

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