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[ccp4bb]: FW: CASP4: Call for targets

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Critical Assessment of Protein Structure Prediction 4 (CASP4)

          Call for targets

Dear Crystallographers and NMR Spectroscopists:

For CASP to succeed, a good supply of prediction targets is required. 
Targets for several prediction problems are needed: homology modeling, 
fold recognition, and ab initio prediction. We especially need
relatively small proteins for ab initio work. There was some progress 
in that area in CASP3, and it is important that we have enough data 
to see if that is continuing. This time we also need protein-protein 
complexes as docking targets. There will be a separate, parallel 
experiment for small ligand/protein complexes, and the organizers of 
that experiment would be glad of any targets of that sort becoming 

One new feature of this CASP is that it will run in close association
with an experiment (called CAFASP) to measure the ability of automatic
servers to make predictions. That experiment is being run by Dani
All CASP targets will also be sent to the CAFASP servers, and at the
meeting, the results allowing human participation (good ol'fashioned
will be compared with the server results. Dani and his co-organizers
abide by the same rules of confidentiality for experimental structure
information as are used in CASP.

The time table is similar to other CASPs, so that we will ask for the 
co-ordinates by the beginning of September. At that point, they can be 
kept confidential if necessary, though we would like to provide them to 
predictors of a structure at the beginning of December at the latest, so 
that can see how well they have done.

Target information should be entered on the web form at:


More information about CAFASP can be found at:      


And on the ligand-protein docking experiment at:


For CASP4 organizers
Adam Zemla


Adam Zemla, Ph.D.                              | E-mail: adamz@llnl.gov
Biology and Biotechnology Research Program     | Phone:  (925) 423-5571
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, L-448  | Fax:    (925) 422-2282
7000 East Ave., Livermore, CA 94550, USA       | Bldg: 3703, Room: 1047