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[ccp4bb]: Summary Map Displacement.

Thank you to everyone who offered a solution.

First of all I attach a gif image of the probelem I had, snap.gif. My
solution was to use SFTOOLS to import the ccp4 map and then ouput the map in
...dn6 format. This has worked. The use of sftools was suggested by Bart

Other suggestions included checking the indexing of the data ( Dr Fraser
Dodd ),confirming that the unit cell paramateres are indentical in the pdb
and mtz (Eleanor Dodson), using FFT.big to generate the maps ( Dr Simon
Terzyans ),and using mapmask to put the map around the the molecule.

Mike Donovan,
Liverpool John Moores University,
Biophysics Department,
Max Perutz Building,
Byrom Street,
L3 3AF

t/phone: 0151-231-2370