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Re: [ccp4bb]: Error running FFT in alpha

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>>>>> "CCB" == C C Ballard <C.C.Ballard@dl.ac.uk> writes:

 CCB> first off, what Alpha machine are you using.  Previously we have
 CCB> had reports of problems using fft on the XP1000, divide by zero
 CCB> in that case.

Both the compiler version and the exact architecture it's targeting
could be relevant.

 CCB> That seemed to have been caused by various arrays being
 CCB> overwritten, although the problem was not fully tracked down.

Unless they have been redone recently, the CCP4 fftlib routines
disobey the Fortran aliasing and argument-passing rules and have
always been liable to fail with aggressive optimizers for certain
sorts of processor.

Also I expect that their structure -- apparently optimized for old
non-optimizing compilers -- is rather pessimized for current systems.
I remember LTE disagrees, and I don't recall the details of how they

 CCB> Several solutions were found though.

 CCB> 1.  use FFTBIG.  This worked.  It uses dynamic memory
 CCB> allocation.

It also doesn't have the aliasing problem.

 CCB> 3.  turning off optimization seemed to also cure the problem.  Could be
 CCB>     that it arose due code reordering.  Warning: this leads to a large
 CCB>     performance hit.

The DEC Fortran flag specific to the optimization I'm thinking of is
`-assume dummy_aliases'; there are similar ones in other compilers.
It should show whether that's the problem, at least, and would
minimize the speed hit if it is.


1. I asked a DEC engineer specifically about DEC Fortran with the sort
   of invalid thing that fftlib does, but it's clear what any compiler
   could do with it.

2. `FFTW' <URL:http://www.fftw.org/> seems to be state-of-the art in
   basic FFT (without the crystallographic symmetry tricks).  It's
   also generally interesting, but is GPLed and so couldn't be used in
   CCP4 without an exception from the authors.

If you lie to the compiler it will get its revenge.  -- Henry Spencer