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[ccp4bb]: [Q] MOSFLM -> Scala

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Dear CCP4BB readers


Maybe a somewhat novice problem here.

I'm scaling image data from CCD detector, but don't know
how to deal with mtz file. Here's the problem.

I indexed and integrated the images with mosflm, 
several images (about 5 of them) being integrated into
each block (all the diffractions are partial), stored in
one mtz file. Now I tried to scale each block with Scala,
but Scala couldn't understand the mtz file prepared by mosflm.

 Scala:  *** File must be sorted on H K L M/ISYM BATCH ***
 Scala:  *** File must be sorted on H K L M/ISYM BATCH ***

Is there a neat way to manage binary mtz files to be ready
for SCALA? I would appreciate any advice or scripts.

Thank you for your kind help in advance.

Woo-Cheol Lee
tel. +81-3-5841-5446 fax. +81-3-5841-8023
Food Eng. Lab, Univ. Tokyo