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Re: [ccp4bb]: non-flat tyrosine

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Out of plane tyrosines:

Such is fodder for the discussion section. Thank heavens for procheck

I agree- look at the omit map, and use a minimization target that isn't so
sensitive to model bias, such as ML. A tyrosine can be slightly out of
plane, but look for a good reason- look at the packing and the steric
effects. The ring doesn't have to be completely flat for "resonance
stabilization", and far more important are deviations in bond lengths.  We
are looking at a time-averaged model. Look at the atomic displacement
parameters to see if they make sense. If the B's are small, and there's
something pushing on the one side, it could be real. Remember that the
macromolecule adopts a conformation that is a compromise of all the various
forces- everything can't be at ideal values simultaneously, and the whole
thing is in constant vibrational motion, anyway.


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