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Re: [ccp4bb]: a crystal moubting problem

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Hi Guan

How were you mounting the crystals?  In a capillary or in a cryo-loop?  If
the latter, have a careful read-through of Garman and Schneider (1997), J. 
Appl.  Crystallography 30, pp. 211-237.  And probably other papers too.
Important would be to try out various cryo-soaking protocolls.  

Good luck

> sorry for this is not a ccp4 problem, but I know many people
> here have experience on it.
> I growed crystals unsing Ammonium Sulfate as precipitant, and
> the condition contains 10% Isopropanol. When mounting the
> crystals, the crystals cracked quickly. When I displayed the
> iospropanol with other organic reagents, crystala woundn't
> appear. So, any suggestions to mount the crystals?
> Thank you.
> Rong-Jin Guan