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[ccp4bb]: Halogenated base

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Dear :

Sorry for the typo in my original posting.  I wanted to mean U but typed T
(sleepy!?).  Thanks to Dr. Harry Powell for bringing me back to real world.

With regards,

>> I (and normally others) use iodinated (and bromo) C and T.  Contact

>Try 5-Br-U in place of T; the Br is a good steric replacement for the Me
>of the T.
  Dr. Kunchithapadam Swaminathan		Phone: 	(65) 873 2173 (H)
  Institute of Molecular Agrobiology			(65) 872 7408 (W)
  The National University of Singapore		Fax:	(65) 872 7007 (W)
  1 Research Link, Singapore 117604		Email:	nathan@ima.org.sg